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After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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  • Thu Mar 19 : 

    Q&A w/ dir. Andrew Rossi + prods. Brian Stelter, Adam McGill & Kara Swisher at 7:30!

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In the age of social media, this eye-opening documentary examines the rising phenomenon of “fake news” in the U.S. and the impact that disinformation, conspiracy theories and false news stories have on the average citizen. The film focuses on several high-profile made-up news stories in recent years with real world consequences, including the infamous “Pizzagate” case, the disinformation campaigns that influenced the 2016 presidential election, the Jade Helm conspiracy, and others. Drawing from exclusive verite access and interviews with a variety of experts, as well as purveyors and targets of misinformation, the documentary sheds light on how post-truth culture has become an increasingly dangerous part of the global information environment.

Screening as part of the Winter 2020 season of Pure Nonfiction.Tickets for Pure Nonfiction screenings are $18 for the general public and $15 for IFC Center Members. A Season Pass, good for all Winter 2020 films (Feb 11 – Mar 31) is available for $110 for general admission, and $90 for IFC Center Members, here.

  • Accessibility Assistive Listening, T-Coil
  • Running Time 95 minutes
  • Director Andrew Rossi