Band of Outsiders

Friday, February 26 - Sunday, February 28, 2010

“Godard at his most off-the-cuff takes a ‘Série Noire’ thriller (Fool’s Gold by Dolores Hitchens) and spins a fast and loose tale that continues his love affairs with Hollywood and with actress Anna Karina. Karina at her most naive is taken up by two self-conscious toughs (‘The little suburban couins of Belmondo in A Bout de Souffle’, is how Godard described them), and they try to learn English, do extravagant mimes of the death of Billy the Kid, execute some neat dance steps, run around the Louvre at high speed, and rob Karina’s aunt with disastrous consequences. One of Godard’s most open and enjoyable films.” – Time Out (London)

  • Country France
  • Language French
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1964
  • Running Time 93 minutes
  • Director Jean-Luc Godard