Summer Shorts

Saturday, September 3 - Sunday, September 11, 2011

The dog days of summer are upon us, but there’s still time to celebrate the sunny season with this selection of summery shorts from around the world, suitable for all ages! Program includes:

Mermaid (Australia, 2009, Matt Tomaszewski, 2 min)

Oktapodi (France, 2010, Julien Bocabeille/Francois-Xavier Chanioux, 3 min)

Bridge on the River Zzzeee (France, 2009, Thomas Szabo, 5 min)

Murphy’s Shorts (USA, 2009, Tom Hemker, 2 min)

Whistleless (Denmark, 2010, Edmunds Jansons, 5 min)

Good Morning (USA, 2007, David Levy, 1 min)

The Wooden Pirate with the Flesh Leg (Canada, 2006, Jean-Pierre Morin, 5.5 min)

A Sunny Day (Germany, 2007, Gil Alkabetz, 6.5 min)

Montrose Avenue (Canada, 2007, Marek Colek, 5.5 min)

Tom and the Strawberry Mouse (Germany, 2003, Andreas Hykade, 5 min)

Field Guide to Snapping (Canada, 2003, Nikhil Adnani, 3 min)