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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

A sheltered heiress who grew up cloistered in one of New York City’s most richly-historied mansions, kept, along with her sisters and beautiful young mother under lock and key by a well-meaning but domineering, old world tycoon father, Altina Schinasi Miranda (1907-1999), a pre-feminist visionary, broke wildly free of her constraints and forged a free-spirited, civically active, and creatively prolific life.

Young & Wild

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Post-film discussion with Desiree Akhavan!

“WE, the fornicators!” Daniela – a bi Chilean sex blogger / schoolgirl – must shoulder the hellfire of her Evangelical Christian family after being caught in the act and ousted from her staid school system. Snatching the World Cinema Screenwriting award at Sundance, this explicit and ecstatic romp is a poppy teen portrait of the AIM age. For Iranian-American filmmaker Desiree Akhavan (APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR), it was the “first film I’ve seen that effectively depicts the very real interactions people have over the internet, as well as one of the most honest portrayals of teen sex, love and lust out there.”


All Over Me

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

In Celebration of Alex Sichel — 35mm print

In June, filmmaker Alex Sichel died at the age of 50, after a 3-year battle against breast cancer. A central figure in the early years of New Queer Cinema, Alex was also a screenwriter, a beloved teacher at both Columbia and NYU, and a fiery, opinionated member of both the Queer and Film Communities. In her honor QAF is proud to present her gorgeous first feature, ALL OVER ME, a coming-of-age drama — born out of the riot grrrl movement — about a teenager from Hell’s Kitchen (To Die For’s Alison Folland) who falls in love with her bad-girl best friend (Tara Subkoff, of the cult fashion line, Imitation of Christ). The evening will also include a short clip from A FILM ABOUT ANNA, the extraordinary film Alex was working on about her illness at the time of her death. Many of those closest to Alex, including her sister and co-screenwriter Sylvia Sichel, actress Folland, and producer Dolly Hall, will join us for this special, community-wide remembrance.

Liquid Sky

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Post-film discussion with Slava Mogutin! 35mm print

Androgynous fashion models, dope dealing performance artists, UFOs and killer orgasms are just a few of the elements that made Russian director Slava Tsukerman’s Warholian sci-fi film an instant cult-classic upon its release in 1982. Most alluring to the LGBT crowd was co-writer and star Anne Carlisle, who brilliantly played both bisexual model Margaret and her skuzzy drug-addict nemesis Jimmy (the scene where both characters have sex is surely a first in film history). The film’s vision of New York City as the coolest, strangest, most exciting place on Earth was particularly appealing to a generation of artists, freaks and queers, including our guest presenter, Russian-American artist and writer Slava Mogutin who moved here after being exiled for his subversive and pro-gay writings and activism in 1995.

West Side Story

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Post-film discussion with Miguel Gutierrez! DCP projection

It took four of New York’s leading gay theater artists – Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins, Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents – to brilliantly update one of the most beloved straight love stories in history, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For our guest presenter, acclaimed choreographer Miguel Gutierrez (whose most recent show premiered at the 2014 Whitney Biennial) the Academy Award-winning film adaptation was his favorite film growing up, even though its “weird mix of codes” set him up for a “lifetime of confusion about being a queer, Latino dancer.” If you’ve only seen it on TV, don’t miss the chance to see it on the big screen. Tonight, tonight…

At the Devil’s Door

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

From The Producer of THE STRANGERS and the writer/director of THE PACT comes AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR starring Naya Rivera, Ashley Rickards and Catalina Sandino Moreno.

When ambitious young real estate agent Leigh is asked to sell a house with a checkered past, she crosses paths with a disturbed girl whom she learns is the runaway daughter of the couple selling the property. When Leigh tries to intervene and help her, she becomes entangled with a supernatural force that soon pulls Leigh’s artist sister Vera into its web — and has sinister plans for both of them.

The Damned

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

The film follows American David Reynolds (Peter Facinelli), widowed from his Colombian-born wife, who flies to Bogota with his new fiancée (Sophia Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughter Jill (Nathalia Ramos). En route to the city of Medellin, a car accident leaves them stranded in a rundown isolated inn. When they discover the old innkeeper has locked a young girl in the basement, they are determined to set her free. But have they made a terrible mistake?

Goodbye to Language

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


“The idea,” in Godard’s own words, “is simple. A married woman and a single man meet. They love, they argue, fists fly. A dog strays between town and country. The seasons pass. A second film begins…” But the result, in the master’s radical, joyously lo-def 3D tale, is something else entirely—a glorious, dizzying meditation on love and history, nature and meaning, as fresh and innovative as anything the 83-year-old legend has ever made. Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival

Camp X-Ray

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

A young woman (a nuanced and powerful Kristen Stewart) joins the military in search of something bigger than her small-town past. Instead, she finds herself stationed at Guantanamo, surrounded by hostile jihadists and aggressive colleagues. Tasked with a mission that’s far from black and white, she strikes up a wary friendship with one of the detainees, forging an unlikely bond that changes them both.

Official selection: Sundance Film Festival

Listen Up Philip

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

As prickly up-and-coming New York author Philip Lewis Friedman (Jason Schwartzman) awaits the inevitable success of his second novel, he feels increasingly alienated from his crumbling relationship with photographer girlfriend Ashley (Elisabeth Moss). When a Roth-ish idol (Jonathan Pryce) offers his isolated summer home as a refuge, Philip retreats deeper into himself as his life, and those of everyone around him, spiral quickly out of control. Perry’s ambitious literary comedy marks him as a talent to watch. Co-starring Krysten Ritter.

Official selection: Sundance, Locarno Film Festival

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