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The Riot Club

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Filthy. Rich. Spoiled. Rotten. A band of overprivileged rich boys run wild in this savagely funny satire of money, sex and power. In the elite realm of Oxford University, no society is more exclusive than The Riot Club, the ultra-selective fraternity for Britain’s most privileged sons. When he’s recruited to join, down-to-earth first-year student Miles (Max Irons) is at first amused—but he’s about to get a taste of upper-crust entitlement at its ugliest when a hedonistic night of drinking and drugs spins out of control. The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin co-stars in this deliciously dark look at boys behaving badly from the Oscar-nominated director of An Education.

The Great Museum

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Featuring unprecedented access to an influential and multifaceted institution, THE GREAT MUSEUM reveals the inner-workings of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, one of the most important art institutions in the world.

Widely known as the art palace that houses several paintings by Rembrandt, Diego Velásquez, Pieter Brueghel, Peter Paul Rubens and Caravaggio, among many other canonical works, the museum also counts with a remarkable and magnetic group of employees – here featured with equal honesty and sensibility.

As the camera follows the ominous rooms hosting some of the world’s most valuable art works, director Johannes Holzhausen reveals a dynamic, reflective and fast-moving institution that’s both adapting to the marketing and funding realities of the 21st-century while remaining faithful to its core mission.

Soul Boys of the Western World

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Relive the music, fashion, and spirit of the 1980s via the incredible saga of the rise, fall, and comeback of New Wave legends Spandau Ballet. From the streets of working class London to the top of the pop charts, Spandau Ballet conquered the airwaves in the 80s with international hits like “True” and “Gold.” But the behind-the-scenes story was just as compelling, as the band overcame ego clashes and a bitter breakup to reunite triumphantly for their current tour. Featuring never-before-seen home movies, archival footage, and interviews with the band, Soul Boys of the Western World is a captivating chronicle of the rollercoaster ride of fame and an awesomely retro time capsule of the sounds and styles of an unforgettable decade.

Misery Loves Comedy

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Judd Apatow, Lisa Kudrow, Larry David, and Jon Favreau are among over 60 famous funny people featured in this hilarious twist on the age-old truth: misery loves company. In-depth, candid interviews with some of the most revered comedy greats who each share their unique path and a life devoted to making strangers laugh.

With arresting anecdotes and insights from the comedy underbelly that reveal a performer’s deep desire to connect with audiences, Kevin Pollak’s MISERY LOVES COMEDY is the definitive master class on the art of humor that details a comedian’s rare ability to help us understand life as only they can.


Henry Fool + Fay Grim

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

The evening before the release of NED RIFLE, the final chapter in Hal Hartley’s Henry Fool Trilogy, see the first two installments on the big screen in 35mm prints, with director Hal Hartley and stars Thomas Jay Ryan and Parker Posey in person! Double feature — two films for one ticket price

HENRY FOOL (1997, 137 min.) at 7:00pm, followed by a Q&A with Hartley, Ryan, and Posey

“Looser, more expansive and certainly more scatological than Hartley’s earlier work, this very funny, finally touching fable focuses on the way Henry Fool (Ryan) – a bawdy, rebellious, intellectually gifted drifter, and quite possibly a charlatan – transforms the lives of the inhabitants of a small town: notably, shy, put-upon Simon Grim (James Urbaniak), who under Fool’s auspices becomes both celebrated as a writer and demonised as a pornographer; his promiscuous sister (Posey) and depressive mother (Porter). For all its outrageous black humour, however, it remains a Hartley movie, with its wittily stylised dialogue, droll performances, crisp camerawork and its profoundly ironic musings on the nature of art and its status in society – musings which surely reflect on Hartley’s own status as an ambitious but marginalised film-maker.” – Time Out (London)

FAY GRIM (2006, 118 min.) at 9:45pm, intro by Hartley, Ryan, and Posey

“Hartley’s eight-years-on sequel to HENRY FOOL finds the abandoned wife (Posey) of the scumbag anti-hero of the earlier film trying to find out what became of him; as theories and revelations to his true identity, activities and whereabouts emerge, it posits a past for him that embraces and evokes political turmoil worldwide… There are good gags, nice turns from Goldblum and Ryan, and an excellent lead in the dependable Posey.” – Time Out (London)

The Clearstream Affair

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

US Premiere!

Based on a true story from 2001 that anticipated the coming global economic crisis, THE CLEARSTREAM AFFAIR centers on journalist Denis Robert (Gilles Lellouche/THE CONNECTION, THERESE) who sparked a storm in the world of European finance by denouncing the murky operations of Clearstream, a banking firm. His quest to reveal the truth behind a secret world of shadowy multinational banking puts him in contact with an ever-expanding anti-corruption investigation carried out by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke (Charles Berling). Their paths will lead them to the heart of a political/financial intrigue named the “Clearstream Affair,” which will rock the foundations of the French government itself.
A co-presentation with the Focus on French Cinema festival.

Unfortunately, star Gilles Lellouche will no longer be able to attend this screening.

Documentary Preservation Summit

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Presented by DOC NYC and the International Documentary Association (IDA), the first Documentary Preservation Summit comes to IFC Center March 31 and April 1. Gathering filmmakers, preservation experts and others, the summit will address the risks of important documentary films being lost and strategies for ensuring their future. Featuring in person appearances by Academy Award winning directors D.A. Pennebaker (Monterey Pop; The War Room) and Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA; American Dream); producer-director Warrington Hudlin, the founder of the Black Film Foundation; Margaret Bodde, the executive director of the Film Foundation; and Sandra Schulberg, the head of the IndieCollect film documentation and preservation campaign.

Summit passes, good for all events on both days, are $25 (or $20, in advance, for IDA and IFC Center members). Click here to purchase

Tue Mar 31


Documentary films capture vital moments of history and culture that are at great risk of being lost if we don’t pay greater attention to their preservation. This keynote panel is aimed at film lovers who want to better understand why classic documentaries become unavailable and what’s being done to address the crisis in preservation. We’ll unveil new details of the IndieCollect film documentation and preservation campaign funded by the Ford Foundation that seeks to be part of a positive change in independent film preservation. Speakers: Warrington Hudlin (Black Filmmaker Foundation), Barbara Kopple (filmmaker), D.A. Pennebaker (filmmaker), Sandra Schulberg (IndieCollect), moderated by Thom Powers (DOC NYC)

Wed Apr 1


Is there any money to be made from old documentaries? That’s a key question that arises when discussing preservation. This panel brings together representatives of digital streaming platforms to discuss opportunities for selling back catalog films, including case studies of the Drew Associates library and Hands on a Hard Body. Speakers: Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo), Adam Klaff (VHX), Linda Pan (Doc Club), George Schmalz (Kickstarter)


Older documentaries often face legal impediments in order to be re-released. Those challenges include unclear contracts with producers and distributors; or murky clearance agreements for footage and music. This panel brings together specialists who have addressed these issues. The discussion will include case studies of reviving Henry Hampton’s Eyes on the Prize and Marcel Ophuls’ The Memory of Justice. Speakers: Margaret Bodde (Film Foundation), Dennis Doros (Milestone Films), Rena Kosersky (Eyes on the Prize), Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom)


Filmmakers need to understand what film archives do and how to partner with them. But preserving your film for posterity is just the first step. IndieCollect and some of its archive collaborators illustrate how they preserve work and render it accessible — to film programmers, online distributors, cinephiles, and the general public — so that filmmakers can monetize it. Speakers: Israel Ehrisman (IndieCollect), Elena Rossi-Snook (New York Public Library), Katie Trainor (MoMA).


For today’s working filmmaker, finished works as well as raw footage, increasingly wind up on hard drives for digital storage. The challenge of how to cope with digital formats is new to everyone. It requires even greater diligence than was required for older formats of celluloid and tape. On this panel, filmmakers discuss cautionary tales and strategies for not losing precious footage. Speakers: Allison Berg (director, The Dog), Rufus de Rham (Activist Archivists), Clara Fon-Sing (NBCUniversal Archives), David Leitner (filmmaker)


Monday, March 16th, 2015

Based on a true story, Backcountry follows a big city couple who go camping in the Canadian wilderness. Alex is a seasoned camper while Jenn, a corporate lawyer, is not. After much convincing, and against her better judgment, she agrees to let him take her deep into a Provincial Park to one of his favorite spots -­‐ the secluded Blackfoot Trail.

On their first night they have a very unsettling encounter with Brad, a strange alpha male with eyes for Jenn who may or may not be following them. Alex’s desire to quickly reach Blackfoot Trail only intensifies. They push deeper and deeper into the forest, Alex stubbornly insisting that he remembers the way. After three days their path disappears; they are hopelessly lost. Without food or water, they struggle to find their way back, the harsh conditions bringing out the best and worst in them, pushing their already fragile relationship to the breaking point.

When they realize they have entered a bear’s territory, being lost suddenly becomes the least of their problems. Terror, horror, will, and survival become paramount.

5 to 7

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

A chance encounter on the streets of Manhattan draws 20-something aspiring writer Brian (Anton Yelchin) into a passionate love affair with a glamorous French woman (Skyfall Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe). The catch? She’s married, and can only meet him for hotel room trysts between the hours of 5 and 7. As Brian yearns for more than just two hours a day with the woman of his dreams, he learns hard won lessons about life and love. Co-starring Frank Langella, Glenn Close, and Olivia Thirlby, this sexy romance captures the giddy thrill, the pain and the comedy of being young and falling in love.

The Salvation

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

The mighty Mads Mikkelsen unleashes a maelstrom of bloodshed in the Wild West in this white-knuckle tale of revenge. When he lays waste to the scoundrels who killed his wife and son, a Danish ex-soldier (Mikkelsen) incurs the wrath of a sadistic gang leader hell-bent on hunting him down. Exploding with eye-popping action, dazzlingly dramatic frontier landscapes, and a smoldering performance by Eva Green, THE SALVATION is a rip-roaring, blood-spattered saga of sin and redemption.

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