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Going Clear

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Following the HBO documentary Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, his investigation into sex abuse in the Catholic Church, Academy Award®-winning director Alex Gibney (HBO’s Taxi to the Dark Side) turns his gaze to Scientology in GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF, based on the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright.

Gibney profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, whose most prominent adherents include A-list Hollywood celebrities, shining a light on how the church cultivates true believers, detailing their experiences and what they are willing to do in the name of religion.

This powerful new film highlights the Church’s origins, from its roots in the mind of founder L. Ron Hubbard to its rise in popularity in Hollywood and beyond. The heart of the film is a series of shocking revelations by former insiders, including high-ranking and recognizable members such as acclaimed screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash), as they describe the systematic history of abuse and betrayal by Church officials, including the current leadership of the Church.


Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Asia Argento directs this hip, funny coming-of-age tale. Set in an awesomely retro, day-glo vision of 1980s Rome, Misunderstood follows nine-year-old Aria (Giulia Salerno), a precocious girl finding her way amidst the unraveling marriage of her temperamental artist parents (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gabriel Garko). Despite the turmoil swirling around her, Aria’s spirit remains irrepressible, buoyed by her vivid imagination and budding talent as a writer. With a soundtrack that runs the gamut from punk to Mozart, MISUNDERSTOOD is a fresh, frank look at the good, the bad, and the strange of growing up.

Prophet’s Prey

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

In her devastating 2006 documentary Deliver Us From Evil and last year’s controversial Hollywood expose An Open Secret, director Amy Berg brilliantly uncovered the face of sexual deviance in corridors of power. She does it again to deeply disturbing effect in PROPHET’S PREY, a gripping, authoritative account of the myriad abuses of Warren Jeffs, the currently incarcerated leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Berg’s interviews with past members of the polygamy-practicing Mormon denomination make for damning testimony, but the lasting power of PREY is its grim insight into the mentality of the deceived, and its despairing recognition that spiritual and psychological bondage doesn’t end simply by putting a monster behind bars.

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

From the 1970s thru the 1990s, there was no hipper, no more outrageous comedy in print than The National Lampoon, the groundbreaking humor magazine that pushed the limits of taste and acceptability – and then pushed them even harder. Parodying everything from politics, religion, entertainment and the whole of American lifestyle, the Lampoon eventually went on to branch into successful radio shows, record albums, live stage revues and movies, including Animal House and National Lampoon’s Vacation. The publication launched the careers of legends like John Belushi, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Christopher Guest and Gilda Radner, who went on to gigs at Saturday Night Live and stardom.

Director Douglas Tirola’s documentary about the Lampoon, DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD: THE STORY OF THE NATIONAL LAMPOON, cleverly chronicles its founding by two former Harvard students, its growth, demise and everything in between. Told thru fresh, candid interviews with its key staff, and illustrated with hundreds of outrageous images from the mag itself (along with never-seen interview footage from the magazine’s prime), the film gives fans of the Lampoon a unique inside look at what made the magazine tick, who were its key players, and why it was so outrageously successful: a magazine that dared to think what no one was thinking, but wished they had. – See more at:

Peace Officer

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

PEACE OFFICER is a feature documentary about the increasingly militarized state of American police as told through the story of William “Dub” Lawrence, a former sheriff who established and trained his rural state’s first SWAT team only to see that same unit kill his son-in-law in a controversial standoff 30 years later. Driven by an obsessed sense of mission, Dub uses his own investigative skills to uncover the truth in this and other recent officer-involved shootings in his community while tackling larger questions about the changing face of peace officers nationwide.

Bad Boy Street + L

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

New York Premiere! Filmmaker in person!

Directed by Todd Verow, Assistant Manager

Walking down Paris’ Rue des Mauvais Garcons (BAD BOY STREET) after a night out on the town with his gal pal Catherine(Florence d’Azemar), Claude (Yann de Monterno, THE BOY WITH THE SUN IN HIS EYES) finds a mysterious young man (Kevin Miranda) lying in the gutter. Doing the honorable thing, Claude takes this very drunk–and very sexy–guy home, and puts him to bed. The next morning, the shy American introduces himself as Brad when he wakes Claude up on the sofa. The two men form an immediate attraction, one that quickly gets physical. But there is more to their budding relationship than just sex and a shower. Brad and Claude cozily reveal themselves to each other. They discuss why Claude, who once spent time in the States, doesn’t subscribe to traditional French stereotypes of eating croissants and smoking Galouises. Brad talks about his friends he’s traveled to Paris with for a week. When Brad heads out after breakfast to meet them, he promises to return and pick up where he and Claude left off that night. When Brad doesn’t show, however, Catherine arrives and consoles Claude. He wonders if and when he’ll ever see this tall, dark and handsome stranger again–because the long without a boyfriend Claude thinks he is falling in love. When Brad does reconnect with his French lover, they spend the day together, touring Paris, until circumstances separate them again. Will they end up together? Intimately filmed, and affectionately made, writer/director Todd Verow (FRISK, ANONYMOUS, VACATIONLAND, THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITY OF SKY) creates a palpable sense of sexual and dramatic tension as he pays homage to–and even sends up–romantic cinema. BAD BOY STREET conveys all of the excitement of falling in love in gay Paris.  

Screening with the short L (6 min., directed by former usher Emilio Seri), an experimental thriller in which a man finds out that he is the victim of a plot he can no longer stop. Filmmaker in person!

Staff Shorts

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Filmmakers in person!

THE BENEFITS ARE GREAT (2013, 10 min., dir. Ezra Stead, assistant manager) – A job interview like no other.

DEBIT WOLF (2015, 15 min, dir. Chris Shields, former usher) – A horror movie for our financially anxious age, starring Asha Phelps (office staff).

FEAR’S TAVERN (2012, 1.5 min., dir. Sean Ribera, usher) – A claymation werewolf mixes some drinks.

ORGANIC (2014, 17 min., dir. Joe Stankus, projectionist) – A daytime noir, set on an organic farm.

RED ROOM (2010, 21 min., dir. David J. White, usher) - In Nazi-occupied Paris, a beautiful prostitute (with a voice like Ella Fitzgerald!) named Lola (played by director David J. White himself) ekes out an existence, gallantly servicing a distinctly Nazi-only clientele. Her only friend in this chaotic, stock-footage world is the ho down the hallway named Kitty (also played by White), who is actually an undercover French Resistance spy! Kitty’s latest plot involves overthrowing the establishment and kidnapping its evil proprietor, Herr Schmidt, a ghastly-looking man with high-ranking Third Reich contacts. Little does Kitty know that Schmidt is wise to her big plans and has every intention of sabotaging them! Intrigue, treachery, sex, singing and dancing follow as the pulpy story comes to a head in the titular location… the brothel’s most luxurious space, the Red Room!

SERIOUSLY DELINQUENT (2013, 7 min., dir. Dylan Pasture, former projectionist) – Robert Miller is behind on his payments.

SILENT PARADE (2010, 6 min., dir. Corey Tatarczuk , hair & makeup by Mary Czech, former box office staff) – The Snow performs in a Guy Maddin-like music video.

Program running time: 78 min.

See You Next Tuesday + Judy Judy Judy

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Filmmakers in person!

Produced by Rachel Wolther, former projectionist

Mona (Eleanore Pienta) is a mentally unbalanced and very pregnant young woman in a hideous orange coat. Without any friends to speak of and alienated from her hoochie mama coworkers at a crummy Brooklyn supermarket, Mona maintains a strangely close relationship with her campy, recovering alcoholic mother May (Dana Eskelson). Mona’s sister Jordan (Molly Plunk) is an unemployable party girl, estranged from May and making life hell for her increasingly fed up girlfriend Sylve (Keisha Zollar). In the final days of her pregnancy, Mona draws her mother, sister, and anybody who happens to get caught in her wake into her hectic life as she drifts further from reality. Featuring a tapestry of diverse characters with varying levels of sanity and awful taste in wardrobe, “See You Next Tuesday” is a dark comedy the whole family can enjoy cutting themselves to.

Screening with shorts

JUDY JUDY JUDY (2015, 8 min, dir. C. Mason Wells, office staff)  - Shot entirely in Super 8, JUDY JUDY JUDY captures a tense vacation and the fallout of an irreversible decision with the intimacy of a home movie. Filmmaker in person!


Quiet City + Going Out

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Directed by Aaron Katz, former projectionist

Jamie is 21. She’s from Atlanta. She’s come to Brooklyn to visit her friend Samantha, but she can’t find her. Jamie tries calling, but Samantha’s phone is dead. Jamie meets Charlie when she asks him for directions. Nothing to do and nothing but time leads them to bowls of coleslaw, footraces in the park, art shows, and after parties.

Screening with GOING OUT (2015, 9 min, dir. Ted Fendt, former projectionist) - Liz thinks she’s going on a date with Rob to see RoboCop, but things take an unexpected (and inexplicable) turn. 35mm print

Howard the Duck

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

35mm print

“As it begins, its hero is zapped out of his tranquil life in Duck World and mysteriously transported to Cleveland, Ohio, where he meets the lead singer (Thompson) of an all-girl punk band. Moved by the violent, anarchic lyrics which sink to depths of depravity only previously reached by the kids from Fame, Howard takes an interest in the girl. But the consummation of their love must wait, as the same forces which brought him to earth now threaten the planet iself. Eventually, some wonderful special effects mercifully take over as Jeffrey Jones is transformed into the evil ‘Dark Overlord’ and slugs it out with one of the duck-suited thespians.” -

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