New Italian Cinema Events presents An Evening with Valeria Golino

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Join this year’s N.I.C.E. for a special tribute to Italian actress Valeria Golino!

The internationally recognized actress will present a brief selection from her upcoming feature-length directorial debut VI PERDONO (I Forgive You), an adaptation of Angela del Fabbro’s novel about euthanasia, starring Golino and Riccardo Scamarcio. The story concerns a young woman who secretly helps terminally ill people to commit suicide and whose service is one day requested by a healthy person who wishes to die.

Also showing is Golino’s short film ARMANDINO AND THE MADRE (Armandino e il Madre), the story of a Romany boy who delivers messages of love from his smitten older brother to Sara, a French woman working in the Madre, Naples’ museum of contemporary art.

Following, KRYPTONITE!, a gentle coming-of-age drama, about a nerdy boy named Peppino living in Naples in the mid-’60s, who is forced to wrangle with several familial issues. His mother Rosaria (Golino) has discovered her husband is having an affair while his significantly older siblings are encountering the Age of Aquarius in their respective ways. Peppino’s nutty cousin Gennaro, who believes he is Superman, also doesn’t provide the best role model, but his individualistic outlook helps the boy find his own way. With an expertly balanced tone and vivid performances, KRYPTONITE! is a beguiling depiction of a youngster finding his inner strength amid a very chaotic household. (98 min, 2011)

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