Earth Girls Are Easy

Friday, June 12 - Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chosen by Ezra S., assistant manager

35mm print “Deliberately, gleefully vacuous entertainment… Crass, silly, tacky: it’s not easy to depict the complexities of being a Valley Girl, but in this zany musical, director Temple and co-writer/star Julie Brown have a go. The plot is about a day in the lives of three aliens (led by Goldblum) who, after crash-landing in LA, set off to explore the hot-spots in the company of a lovelorn manicurist (Davis). But first they’re introduced to beauty salon owner Candy (Brown), who transforms the furry freaks into human-looking specimens capable of partying and falling in love.” – Time Out (London)

  • Country USA
  • Rating PG
  • Year 1988
  • Running Time 100 minutes
  • Director Julien Temple