The Battle of Chile: Part 3

Monday, October 19 - Thursday, October 22, 2015

Digital projection

The third part of the epic THE BATTLE OF CHILE, THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE deals with the creation by ordinary workers and peasants of thousands of local groups of “popular power” to distribute food, occupy, guard and run factories and farms, oppose black market profiteering, and link together neighborhood social service organizations. First these local groups of “popular power” acted as a defense against strikes and lock-outs by factory owners, tradesmen and professional bodies opposed to the Allende government, then increasingly as Soviet-type bodies demanding more resolute action by the government against the right.

Part of Obstinate Memories: The Films of Patricio Guzmán

  • Country Chile
  • Language In Spanish with English subtitles
  • Year 1978
  • Running Time 80 minutes
  • Director Patricio Guzmán