David Lynch Merchandise

From Eraserhead becoming a midnight movie sensation at our progenitor, the original Waverly Theater, to the release of Inland Empire in 2006 and subsequent re-release in 2022 at IFC Center and the new restoration of Lost Highway that same year, and the multiple retrospectives, David Lynch and IFC Center go hand-in-hand! Members save 20% on all merchandise.

Available for pick-up at concessions and for shipping across the U.S.:

Director Shirt – Designed by Nathan Gelgud: $35.00
Director Tote – Designed by Nathan Gelgud: $25.00
Room to Dream, a memoir by David Lynch and Kristine MacKenna: $32.00
Catching the Big Fish – 10th Anniversary edition by David Lynch: $15.00
Inland Empire by Melissa Anderson:  $18.00
The Man From Another Place by Dennis Lim: $12.95

Available for pick-up at concessions only:

Janus Films Eraserhead poster (20″x40″): $20.00