Across Borders

Thursday, December 16, 2010

INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING: The Atelier Ludwigsburg – Paris

Thursday, December 16 at 8 pm

How to produce/coproduce independent films with small budgets?

How do graduates of the Masterclass Paris-Ludwigsburg succeed in Venice, Berlin and other film festivals?

How do young European producers build up their professional networks?

The Masterclass Paris-Ludwigsburg brings together young producers AND young directors at an early stage of their professional development. Students are working in France (Paris), Germany (Ludwigsburg) and England (London). Their final project, a short film, 8:30 min long, reflects the 3-country production process. For example and part of the program: a young Spanish producer makes a film about Germany shooting in France!


Jan Schütte (DFFB, Berlin), Falk Nagel (executive producer: Takva), Christophe Bruncher (producer: L’Intouchable), Kamal Aljafari (Filmmaker Port of Memory), Anthony Bregman (producer and professor film production, Columbia University), Ira Deutchman (producer and professor film studies Columbia University)

Moderator: Anthony Kaufman, Film Journalist