Hedy Lamarr - Glamorous portrait of movie actress Hedy Lamarr wearing white fox fur short jacket.1938 - ©Diltz/RDA/Everett Collection (00523921)

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Opened Friday, November 24


Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr was called the world’s most beautiful woman—but her hidden legacy as an inventor who helped revolutionize modern communications is even more stunning. Combining a rediscovered interview with reflections from her closest friends, family and admirers, including Mel Brooks and Robert Osborne, BOMBSHELL finally gives Hedy Lamarr the chance to tell her own story.

Official selection: Tribeca Film Festival.

  • Country USA
  • Running Time 86 minutes
  • Director Alexandra Dean
  • Producer Adam Haggiag