Filming Obstinately: Meeting Patricio Guzmán

Thursday, October 22, 2015

“This historical and cinematic portrait of internationally acclaimed filmmaker Patricio Guzmán… takes us on an intimate journey of his life’s work in the shadow of Chile’s tumultuous history. As Chile attempts to forget its past and the violence of Augusto Pinochet’s coup, Guzmán understands time differently—more relative, feeling like the coup happened only a month ago. Capturing Guzmán’s past works and the making of his newest film, THE PEARL BUTTON, director Boris Nicot beautifully parallels Chile’s history with Guzmán’s body of work, revealing the indelible mark the country has made on Guzmán’s films, character and perception of time. Through intimate discussions with Guzmán, Nicot unveils not only his process of filmmaking but a very personal portrait of a man who is driven by the idea that in understanding the past, we make a commitment to the future.” –  Heather Haynes, Hot Docs Film Festival

Part of Obstinate Memories: The Films of Patricio Guzmán


  • Country France/Chile/Belgium/Spain
  • Language In French and Spanish with English subtitles
  • Running Time 105 minutes
  • Director Boris Nicot