I Am Self-Sufficient

I Am Self-Sufficient

Directed by: Nanni Moretti

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Digital projection “Nanni Moretti’s 1976 first feature, shot in Super-8 (later blown up to 16- and 35-millimeter) when he was 22, using his friends as cast and crew, shows that his style and personal manner were fully in place from the very beginning. Moretti himself plays the hero, a father whose marriage is coming apart and who is preparing a new production for an experimental theater group in Rome that proves to be a disaster.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Please note: the 35mm we were intending to screen wasn’t playable, so we’ll be showing the film digitally

Part of the series La Vita e Cinema: The Films of Nanni Moretti

NR, 95 Minutes, In Italian with English subtitles
Italy, 1976

"Even back then I was interested in airing my dirty linen in public, in being transparent, in making fun of my political, social and generational environment, unkindly but affectionately."
- Nanni Moretti

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