Jules and Jim

Jules and Jim

Directed by: Francois Truffaut

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Introduced by Larry Kramer!

Francois Truffaut’s early masterpiece follows a passionate menage-a-trois between two men and the alluring, enigmatic Jeanne Moreau over the course of twenty years. Its only fitting that legendary playwright and activist Larry Kramer (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me), whose work has always tackled the mysteries of human desire, has chosen to present a film that transforms old-fashioned Euro melodrama into modernist new-wave art. “With JULES AND JIM, Truffaut broke almost every rule on how to make a movie how it looked, sounded, was acted, edited, photographed, scored, and especially for me, how it was scripted. Though not often discussed as a gay love story, it has one – not an especially bold one, but then the French can be rather joyously naive about certain things, and sex is one of them.”

NR, 105 Minutes, In French with English subtitles

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