Directed by: James Franco

Friday, March 7 - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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James Franco in person Fri Mar 7 at 10:15! (SOLD OUT)

“An affectionate tribute… SAL depicts the last day in the life of the eponymous Rebel Without A Cause and Exodus star, who—after a decade of declining fame—was murdered outside his West Hollywood apartment in 1976. His final hours are seen as just another episode in a career on the skids: Mineo (Val Lauren) works out; fights to preserve the integrity of a planned directorial effort, McCaffery; struggles with overdue bills; drives around with pal Mikey (Trevor Neuhoff), gets vitamin shots and shares memories of James Dean; plays with his neighbor’s dog; calls his actor friends to encourage them to see his new show; and rehearses for that soon-to-open production of P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, in which he was set to star alongside Keir Dullea (Jim Parrack).

“It’s likely that Franco, who has a cameo as stage director Milton Katselas, sees a kindred spirit in his subject, a star whose tough-guy exterior masks a generous attitude, as well as a refusal to conform to what Hollywood expects of him. Mineo’s career had already been hurt by his openness about being gay, and McCaffery’s planned explicitness caused studio jitters. It’s easy to picture Franco in Mineo’s place as the former teen idol makes a pitch for helming a work of hard-edged realism.” – The Onion A.V. Club

NR, 85 Minutes
USA, 2011

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