The Ranger

Sunday, April 1

Expected to Attend: Director Jenn Wexler, Producers Larry Fessenden, Andrew van den Houten, Heather Buckley, Ashleigh Snead

Special screening on Sun Apr 1 as part of What The Fest!? Click here for more WTF!? details, schedule, and films.

NYC PREMIERE A gunshot echoes through a vast, remote forest. A memory of a sunny day that feels like a bad omen, long forgotten, as, years later, our protagonist Chelsea (Chloë Levine) parties away in an underground bar with her friends Jerk, Abe and Amber. Garth, her boyfriend, packs her bag with drugs and when the pigs smash the party, the teen punks take off with the wrong load and one stab wound too many. Desperately needing a place to hide, the group decides to head for Chelsea’s uncle’s cabin, up north in a secluded national park. But there is a history to the cabin. There are rules in the wilderness. And there’s a ranger in the park.

  • Country USA
  • Running Time 80 minutes
  • Director Jenn Wexler
  • Editor Jenn Wexler, Abbey Killheffer
  • Cinematographer James Siewert