Short Attention Span Cinema: New York International Children’s Film Festival

Friday, November 10, 2017

In collaboration with the New York International Children’s Film Festival, we are proud to be screening some of their selected audience favorites as part of our preshows to features. Check back here for future films in this series, and to find out more about the next NYICFF (Feb-March 2018) and their year-round field trips and educational screening programs, visit their site: http://nyicff.org/


Fri Nov 10 – Thu Nov 16: OUTDOOR CINEMA (Russia/Australia, animation directed by Tatiana Poliektova, 2014, 3m)

Fri Nov 17 – Thu Nov 23: G-AAAH (UK, animation directed by Elizabeth Hobbs, 2016, 1m)

Fri Nov 24 – Thu Nov 30: MR. NIGHT HAS A DAY OFF (Lithuania, animation directed by Ignas Meilunas, 2016, 2m)

Fri Dec 1 – Thu Dec 7: THE BIRDIE (Russia, animation directed by Yekaterina Filippova, 2015, 3m)

Fri Dec 8 – Thu Dec 14: SOY YO (Denmark/Colombia, directed by Torben Kjelstrup, 2016, 3m)

Fri Dec 15 – Thu Dec 21: CRAB STORY (Russia/Australia, animation directed by Tatiana Poliektova & Filippo Rivetti, 2017, 5m)

Fri Dec 22 – Thu Dec 28: EAGLE BLUE (UK, animation directed by Will Rose, 2016, 4m)

Fri Dec 29 – Thu Jan 4: CACOPHONY (USA, animation directed by Melody AiHsuan Shih, 2016, 3m)

Fri Jan 5 – Thu Jan 11: KONIGIRI KUN: SHOPPING (Japan, animation directed by Mari Miyazawa, 2015, 5m)

Fri Jan 12 – Thu Jan 18: A SMALL ESCAPE (Sweden, animation directed by David Sandell, 2016, 3m)

Fri Jan 19 – Thu Jan 25: GLOVE (USA, animation directed by Alexa Lim Haas & Bernardo Britto, 2015, 5m)