Jonathan Lethem & John Hodgman: “They Live”

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jonathan Lethem in conversation with John Hodgman for a screening and discussion of John Carpenter’s classic THEY LIVE, in conjunction with the release of Lethem’s new book about the film. Lethem will do a book signing at IFC Center directly following the event.

Lethem’s Deep Focus: THEY LIVE offers a wholly original perspective on Carpenter’s paranoid satire. The pocket-sized collection of freewheeling essays, referencing everything from classic Hollywood cinema to the role of wrestlers in contemporary culture, is the first in a new film criticism series, Deep Focus, on sale now from Soft Skull Press. In THEY LIVE, Lethem explores the film’s mix of deliberate B-movie, sci-fi, horror, anti-Yuppie agitprop, calling Carpenter’s film, “howlingly blatant and obvious on many levels… [yet] marvelously slippery and paradoxical at its depths.”

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