APAPORIS takes us on a journey through the untrodden, war-locked Northwest Amazon, where we discover the secret knowledge of of Cabiyari and Cubeo indigenous cultures and their insight into nature, life and medicinal and psychotropic plants. With breathtaking images, millenary secrets are revealed such as the preparation of Yagé (“The vine of the Gods”), pulverized coca, and curare, alongside a magical practice to revive dead animals. These communities, besieged by the looming death of their sacred languages and cultures, must now come together to preserve their very survival.

Filmmakers in person Sat 7/31 at 7:50, Sun 8/1 at 9:50, Tue 8/3 at 7:50, & Wed 8/4 at 9:50!

  • Country Colombia
  • Language In English and Spanish with English subtitles
  • Rating NR
  • Year 2010
  • Running Time 72 minutes
  • Website http://insearchofoneriver.com/
  • Director Antonio Dorado