Bad Boy Street + L

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New York Premiere! Filmmaker in person!

Directed by Todd Verow, Assistant Manager

Walking down Paris’ Rue des Mauvais Garcons (BAD BOY STREET) after a night out on the town with his gal pal Catherine(Florence d’Azemar), Claude (Yann de Monterno, THE BOY WITH THE SUN IN HIS EYES) finds a mysterious young man (Kevin Miranda) lying in the gutter. Doing the honorable thing, Claude takes this very drunk–and very sexy–guy home, and puts him to bed. The next morning, the shy American introduces himself as Brad when he wakes Claude up on the sofa. The two men form an immediate attraction, one that quickly gets physical. But there is more to their budding relationship than just sex and a shower. Brad and Claude cozily reveal themselves to each other. They discuss why Claude, who once spent time in the States, doesn’t subscribe to traditional French stereotypes of eating croissants and smoking Galouises. Brad talks about his friends he’s traveled to Paris with for a week. When Brad heads out after breakfast to meet them, he promises to return and pick up where he and Claude left off that night. When Brad doesn’t show, however, Catherine arrives and consoles Claude. He wonders if and when he’ll ever see this tall, dark and handsome stranger again–because the long without a boyfriend Claude thinks he is falling in love. When Brad does reconnect with his French lover, they spend the day together, touring Paris, until circumstances separate them again. Will they end up together? Intimately filmed, and affectionately made, writer/director Todd Verow (FRISK, ANONYMOUS, VACATIONLAND, THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITY OF SKY) creates a palpable sense of sexual and dramatic tension as he pays homage to–and even sends up–romantic cinema. BAD BOY STREET conveys all of the excitement of falling in love in gay Paris.  

Screening with the short L (6 min., directed by former usher Emilio Seri), an experimental thriller in which a man finds out that he is the victim of a plot he can no longer stop. Filmmaker in person!

  • Country USA
  • Language In English and French with English subtitles
  • Rating NR
  • Running Time 80 min minutes
  • Director Todd Verow

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