Barton Fink

Friday, August 7 - Saturday, August 8, 2009

In 1941, New York intellectual playwright Barton Fink comes to Hollywood to write a Wallace Beery wrestling picture. What he gets instead is a terrible case of writer’s block. His neighbor at the hotel, “Common Man” Charlie Meadows, is no help; neither are famed writer Mayhew; Mayhew’s girlfriend Audrey or producer Ben Geisler…and as Fink’s script doesn’t progress, things keep getting stranger and stranger. Part of the series “The Coen Brothers,” playing select weekends at midnights, July 24-September 12, 2009 in our ongoing Waverly Midnights program.

  • Country USA
  • Language English
  • Rating R
  • Year 1991
  • Running Time 116 minutes
  • Distributor Fox
  • Director Joel Coen
  • Cast John Turturro, John Goodman as Meadows, Judy Davis, Michael Lerner, John Mahoney