Don Quixote

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Performed at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow

Composed by Ludwig Minkus, Choreographed by Alexei Fadeyechev after Marius Petipa & Alexander Gorsky, Starring Natalia Osipova & Ivan Vasiliev

A stunning production, based on Cervantes’s epic masterpiece, originally created for the Bolshoi by Marius Pepita in 1869. “Since Osipova burst on to the international dance scene in show-stopping performances in Don Quixote, during a 2007 Bolshoi tour to London, the sheer energy and intensity of her stage presence has been as remarkable as her improbable floating jump and astounding technical prowess.” – New York Times “Don Quixote is a romp of a ballet, all flashing eyes and virtuoso steps. Vasiliev and Osipova rampage through it, with outrageous charm and astounding technique. By the time we got to the curtain calls, the audience was standing and screaming for them.” – The Independent (London)