Half Baked

Friday, September 5 - Saturday, September 6, 2014

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“An uproarious pot comedy… In HALF BAKED, [Dave Chappelle] plays New York hospital janitor Thurgood Jenkins, who conspires with his pals to steal medical marijuana and sell it. At Thurgood’s side are fast-food worker Scarface (Guillermo Díaz) and record-store dude Brian (Jim Breuer), who believe any moment not spent getting high is time wasted.

“‘I don’t do drugs, though,’ Thurgood says. ‘Just weed.’

“The high crimes are for a noble cause. The guys’ kindergarten teacher pal, Kenny (Harland Williams), while on a run for munchies, overfeeds a diabetic police horse. Following a mock-tragic scene in which a policeman wails “officer down!” Kenny is imprisoned as a cop killer.

“Scarface, who, as befitting his name, is obsessed with crime flicks, instantly decides the guys should take to drug dealing to raise Kenny’s bail money under the guise of a company called Mr. Nice Guy. One problem for Thurgood, other than the obvious legal ramifications, is his new relationship with the lovely Mary Jane (Rachel True), who detests drug users and dealers.

“Thurgood and the others must keep Mr. Nice Guy’s identity under wraps, not only for the sake of his relationship, but because they steal a lucrative client, rapper Sir Smoke-a-lot (also played by Chappelle) from drug kingpin Sampson Simpson (Clarence Williams III), who is out to kill the competition.

“The plot is just a thin outline for Chappelle to freelance and cut up with his distinctive brand of comic insanity. His delivery and wit rule the day. Chappelle can make you laugh just by looking at you, and it’s only gravy that he spits out one-liners with such relish. Only Chappelle would think to have his janitor character finish off a hard workday by raising his arms and exclaiming, ‘Freedom!’ or stare at his candy bar and riff, ‘Abba Zabba, you my only friend.’

“HALF BAKED is riotous even to the sober. Any reservations you have about the film go quickly up in smoke.” – Arizona Daily Star

  • Country USA
  • Rating R
  • Year 1998
  • Running Time 82 minutes
  • Director Tamra Davis

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