Friday, February 21 - Saturday, February 22, 2014

35mm print

“A good, solid thriller with some terrific touches by Friedkin and some truly bizarre ones by [screenwriter Joe] Eszterhas… David Caruso stars as David Corelli, a San Francisco assistant district attorney who is assigned to investigate the murder of a millionaire art collector. The last person to see the victim alive is Trina Gavin (Linda Fiorentino), who is married to high-powered lawyer Matt Gavin (Chazz Palminteri). The Gavins happen to be David’s best friends, and worse, he’s in love with Trina. His investigation leads to a prostitution ring involving the governor himself, and one of the blurry photographs shows a woman that looks strikingly like Trina. Is Trina really the mysterious (and gifted) prostitute known as ‘Jade’? David must sort through the case and his own feelings to discover the truth.

“As with most Eszterhas scripts, Trina is duplicitous and two-faced, but nothing is proven (just in case the producers want to change the ending). There’s a preoccupation with women using sex as power, as well as with lesbian sex. But Friedkin brings some amazing things to the table, as my friend Bob Stephens pointed out in his lone defense of the movie. There are lots of masks, both literal and emotional, on display, and Friedkin’s use of cutting and shots of the city serve as a kind of eerie dark spirit hovering over the proceedings… It’s a movie that deserves a second shot.” – Jeffrey Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

  • Country USA
  • Rating R
  • Year 1995
  • Running Time 95 minutes
  • Director William Friedkin

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