Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8:00pm – a special event for Stranger Than Fiction Fall 2009 season pass holders.

Filmmakers and documentary legends Robert Drew, DA Pennebaker, and Hope Ryden in person!

A rare screening of the 1962 gem JANE highlights this premiere event kicking off Stranger Than Fiction’s fall series. Produced by filmmaker Robert Drew just two years after his film PRIMARY inaugurated American cinéma vérité, JANE is a fascinating bridge between the

more narrative origins of documentary and the naturalistic style then being ushered in. For JANE, Drew assembled an A-team of talents on their way to becoming noted cinéma vérité artists: DA Pennebaker and Hope Ryden, and Richard Leacock, already well known as cameraman for Robert Flaherty. Following a 25-year-old Jane Fonda in her ill-fated Broadway debut, the film unflinchingly documents the highs and lows, joy and pain of launching a new play, and features cameos by the Actors Studio’s Lee Strasberg and critic Walter Kerr. The film is even more bittersweet 47 years later, in light of Ms. Fonda’s nomination for a Tony for her return to the boards.

Photo courtesy of Drew Associates

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