Kiarostami Short Features #2

Monday, August 5, 2019

1983 • 51 minutes • Color • 1.37:1 aspect ratio

Kiarostami’s fascination with both Tehrani car culture and the uses of power in postrevolutionary society combine in this documentary about a traffic officer assigned to enforce driving restrictions in central Tehran (a locale near the director’s Kanoon office). The officer, a rock star in his own world, remains coolly authoritative as he faces a steady stream of exasperated motorists.


1973 • 56 minutes • Black & White • 1.85:1 aspect ratio

Based on a story by Amir Naderi, who also cowrote the film, this slice of a fourteen-year-old boy’s life follows his efforts to fend for himself in the big city, working as a tea server and assistant in a photographer’s studio, running errands, and, briefly, exchanging glances with a pretty middle-class girl. With no music and little dialogue, and distinguished by its darkly elegant compositions, the film offers an impressionistic meditation on adolescent solitude.

Screening as part of Abbas Kiarostami: A Retrospective, Fri Jul 26 through Thu Aug 15.

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  • Language In Persian/Farsi with English subtitles.
  • Running Time 107 minutes
  • Director Abbas Kiarostami