Saturday, June 14 - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

35mm print

“The opening shot of a yellow, withering moonscape stretching away to infinity — revealed to be a desolate sea-shore on which the three witches proceed to the ritual burial of a noose, a severed arm and a dagger — effortlessly establishes the cold, barbarous climate of Shakespeare’s play. Polanski’s imagery, evoking a characteristically cruel, irrational and blood-boltered world, is often magnificently strange and hieratic: the death of the Thane of Cawdor, for instance, hanged by way of a massive iron collar and chain from a high tower in a courtyard ringed by cloaked soldiers; or the almost pagan ritual of Macbeth’s coronation, starting with his bare feet stepping into the huge footprints embedded in the sacred stone.” – Time Out (London)

  • Country USA
  • Rating R
  • Year 1971
  • Running Time 140 minutes
  • Director Roman Polanski

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