My Internship in Canada (Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Introduction and Q&A with director Philippe Falardeau!

As Academy Award–nominated director Philippe Falardeau’s gentle satire My Internship in Canada opens, a Conservative minority government is tabling legislation that will send our country to war. When one of their MPs falls ill, the deciding vote is left to independent Steve Guibord (Starbuck‘s Patrick Huard), a former hockey player whose pro career fizzled due to his fear of flying. Pressure comes from all sides, even at home, but salvation arrives in the form of new intern Souverain (Irdens Exantus), a Haitian student who knows more about the ins and outs of our system than Steve does. Reminiscent of Ealing comedies such as The Mouse That Roared, My Internship in Canada exposes Canadians’ ingrained tendency to focus on the regional instead of the wider picture, taking for granted the unique system that makes our democracy function. Not surprisingly, it takes someone from another country to explain it to us.

  • Country Canada
  • Language in French and Creole with English subtitles
  • Running Time 108 minutes
  • Director Philippe Falardeau