Resident Evil: Retribution 3D

Friday, February 16 - Saturday, February 24, 2024

Please note all admission prices will have an additional $4 3D charge added for showings of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION 3D.  This includes senior and membership admission.

“None of this is real.”
“It is to her.”

“You’re supposed to keep these descriptions on the IFC Center website… descriptive? Right? Sorry to the IFC Center (love y’all) but if you’re asking me, Evan Schwartz, programmer of The Red Eye, to write a description of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, you’re gonna get a personal manifesto. For my birthday I’ve chosen this film because it’s the best movie ever made. I mean, take everything I say with a grain of salt because I’m the king of hyperbole but you should know how important this film is to me. How does one quantify the “best movie”? Is it quality, historical importance, or is it the comfort it brings you time after time? I can’t begin to describe the comfort the fifth installment in the RESIDENT EVIL series has brought me at every turn in my life. It’s my go-to – it’s where I go when I want to see the powerful Milla Jovovich as Alice overcome seemingly impossible obstacles in a world so far gone that all she has is herself.

Maximalist cinema tickles my brain, and RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION explodes in synthetic imagery which only furthers its concepts of simulation and forces beyond our control. Indeed, this is a film about simulation, and as a result much has been written about its possible trans subtexts. To some, this is just your average action film, but to many this is a deeply special film which exists far outside the typical parameters of Hollywood filmmaking. Paul WS Anderson’s clear adoration for the ALIEN franchise is on full display here, even riffing directly off ALIENS. However, I’d personally say this film is like if ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK took speed.

The best part? We’re gonna be watching this absolute smacker of a film in eye-popping 3D, as it was meant to be seen. Every moment looks gobsmacking in 3D, and it’s evident that Anderson put a lot of love and intentionality into its visuals. So, join me for the greatest birthday gift anyone has ever given me – a screening of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION 3D!!!!!!!!” – Evan Schwartz

Screening as part of our midnight series, The Red Eye Winter-Spring 2024

  • Country Germany, Canada, USA
  • Language English, ASL
  • Year 2012
  • Running Time 95 minutes
  • Format DCP
  • Distributor Sony
  • Director Paul W. S. Anderson
  • Cast Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Aryana Engineer, Bingbing Li
  • Accessibility T-Coil, Closed Captioning

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