Serie Noire

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SERIE NOIRE follows a slightly neurotic door-to-door salesman (extraordinary, wild-eyed Patrick Dewaere) in a sinister part of Paris’ suburbs. He meets a teenager, who’s been made a prostitute by her own aunt. Wanting to change his life and also save the girl from her aunt, he arrives at murder as the only solution. Part of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2011.

“Corneau’s little-seen 1979 version of Jim Thompson’s novel A Hell of a Woman (with dialogue by cult novelist Georges Perec!) ranks as one of the best (and, indeed, one of the few good) adaptations of the beloved writer’s work-a clever blend of absurdist romance and noirish desperation.” – New York Magazine

  • Country France
  • Language French
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1979
  • Running Time 111 minutes
  • Director Alain Corneau