Friday, August 24 - Sunday, August 26, 2012

35mm print “In 1945, Freud & Co were beginning to have a profound influence on American thinking, so armed with a script by Ben Hecht and the services of a consultant, Hitchcock decided to ‘turn out the first picture on psychoanalysis’. The story is simple enough: Bergman is a psychoanalyst who falls in love with her new boss Peck, and when it’s discovered that he has a Problem (an amnesiac, he may also be a killer), goes to work on his memory. The characterisation is also straightforward, with a maternal Bergman fascinated by father figures (a delightful cameo from Michael Chekhov) and young boys (Peck, suitably artless). But SPELLBOUND is also a tale of suspense, and Hitchcock embellishes it with characteristically brilliant twists, like the infinite variety of parallel lines which etch their way through Peck’s mind.” – Time Out (London)

“An intriguing Hitchcockian study of role reversal, with doctors and patients, men and women, mothers and sons inverting their assigned relationships with compelling, subversive results.” – Dave Kehr

  • Country USA
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1945
  • Running Time 111 minutes
  • Director Alfred Hitchcock