Staff Shorts

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Filmmakers in person!

THE BENEFITS ARE GREAT (2013, 10 min., dir. Ezra Stead, assistant manager) – A job interview like no other.

DEBIT WOLF (2015, 15 min, dir. Chris Shields, former usher) – A horror movie for our financially anxious age, starring Asha Phelps (office staff).

FEAR’S TAVERN (2012, 1.5 min., dir. Sean Ribera, usher) – A claymation werewolf mixes some drinks.

ORGANIC (2014, 17 min., dir. Joe Stankus, projectionist) – A daytime noir, set on an organic farm.

RED ROOM (2010, 21 min., dir. David J. White, usher) – In Nazi-occupied Paris, a beautiful prostitute (with a voice like Ella Fitzgerald!) named Lola (played by director David J. White himself) ekes out an existence, gallantly servicing a distinctly Nazi-only clientele. Her only friend in this chaotic, stock-footage world is the ho down the hallway named Kitty (also played by White), who is actually an undercover French Resistance spy! Kitty’s latest plot involves overthrowing the establishment and kidnapping its evil proprietor, Herr Schmidt, a ghastly-looking man with high-ranking Third Reich contacts. Little does Kitty know that Schmidt is wise to her big plans and has every intention of sabotaging them! Intrigue, treachery, sex, singing and dancing follow as the pulpy story comes to a head in the titular location… the brothel’s most luxurious space, the Red Room!

SERIOUSLY DELINQUENT (2013, 7 min., dir. Dylan Pasture, former projectionist) – Robert Miller is behind on his payments.

SILENT PARADE (2010, 6 min., dir. Corey Tatarczuk , hair & makeup by Mary Czech, former box office staff) – The Snow performs in a Guy Maddin-like music video.

Program running time: 78 min.