The Bleeding Edge

Friday, July 27 - Thursday, August 2, 2018

America  has  the  most  technologically  advanced  health  care  system  in  the  world,  yet  medical  interventions  have  become  the  third  leading  cause  of  death,  and  the  overwhelming  majority  of  high-risk  implanted  devices  never  require  a  single  clinical  trial.    In  THE  BLEEDING  EDGE,  Academy  Award®  nominated  filmmakers  Kirby  Dick  and  Amy  Ziering  (THE  INVISIBLE  WAR,  THE  HUNTING  GROUND)  turn  their  sights  on  the  $400  billion  medical  device  industry,  examining  lax  regulations,  corporate  cover-ups,  and  profit  driven  incentives  that  put  patients  at  risk  daily.    Weaving  emotionally  powerful  stories  of  people  whose  lives  have  been  irrevocably  harmed,  the  film  asks:  what  life-saving  technologies  may  actually  be  killing  us?

Official selection: Tribeca Film Festival

  • Country USA
  • Running Time 99 minutes
  • Director Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering
  • Writer Kirby Dick
  • Editor Derek Boonstra, Andrew McAllister
  • Cinematographer Thaddeus Wadleigh