The Curse of Frankenstein

Friday, January 1 - Saturday, January 2, 2016

High-definition digital projection

“Beautifully portrayed by Christopher Lee (in the actor’s only Frankenstein film), the Monster is almost heartbreaking, flailing confusedly with a pained expression on its patchwork face. (Phil Leakey’s makeup work looks rather cheap today, but that just seems to make it more grisly. Cushing tells Paul that ‘Once the scars on the face heal, it won’t look so bad,’ but of course we know better.) And true to the Monster’s collage-like construction, Lee articulates each limb of his body independently, as though every part of the Creature’s figure has a mind of its own. Writing in Monster Zine, Eric M. Heideman has compared Lee’s movements to those of a broken puppet. But Lee’s Monster is frightening precisely because he is more than a puppet. He is a brain-damaged, hodgepodge Pinocchio with an excess of life, on the border of the animate and the inanimate.” – Not Coming to a Theater Near You

  • Country UK
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1957
  • Running Time 82 minutes
  • Director Terence Fisher