The End of Violence

Friday, September 11 - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

35mm print

“Stylish and intelligent… This visually resplendent LA ‘thriller’ concerns Mike Max (Bill Pullman) a wealthy producer of violent movies who goes to ground with a group of Mexican gardeners after escaping an attempt on his life, and the movie-obsessed cop Doc Block (Loren Dean) and the surveillance expert Ray (Gabriel Byrne) who search, separately, for a solution to the crime. It’s a complicated affair, involving – or does it? – Max’s wife (Andie MacDowell); stuntwoman Cat (Traci Lind); a refugee from El Salvador (Marisol Padilla Sanchez) hired by Ray’s boss (Daniel Benzali); rap poet Six (K. Todd Freeman); and expat European film-maker Zoltan (Udo Kier). The film explores links between life and the movies, politics and power, venality and violence, crime and new technology… As a love-hate letter to the movie-making capital, it’s superbly designed and shot; as a contemporary film noir expressing a European unease at the future of the world as presaged by this blessed/damned city on the Western edge, it’s strangely compelling.” – Time Out (London)

Part of the retrospective “Wim Wenders: Portraits Along the Road”

  • Rating R
  • Year 1997
  • Running Time 122 minutes
  • Director Wim Wenders