The Goonies

Friday, September 8 - Sunday, September 10, 2017

High-definition digital projection

Chosen by Katie, floor staff. 

“A bunch of kids out for an adventure, and to find money so that Mikey can help his mum resist the property developers, embark on a treasure hunt. The bunch stumble across a frightening but friendly monster, a murderous family and booby traps galor until they find exactly what they’re looking for. ★★★★

Pirate gold, elaborate traps, winding waterslides and the inimitable ‘truffle shuffle’ – could this be the most accomplished kids’ adventure of all time? Richard Donner’s treasure hunt demonstrates superb crossover appeal, thrilling kids and enchanting adults with its deftly-spun tale of derring-do. Thanks to Chris Columbus’ lively script, the film crackles along at a fair old pace; there’s spectacle too, with Donner sparing no expense on the film’s elaborate sets – impressive on a scale barely attempted in today’s green-screen-dependent features…A rolicking good time is had by all in this adventure that is built on archetypal plot strands that tie together oh so well.” –Empire

Screening as part of Weekend Classics: Staff Picks.

  • Year 1985
  • Running Time 114 minutes
  • Director Richard Donner