The Seduction of Joe Tynan

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Director Jerry Schatzberg in person for Q&A with Meryl Streep biographer Michael Schulman!

“Meryl Streep, more stunning with each new appearance on the screen, has [a]… tangible hold on [Tynan] as a cool, clever, irresistible labor lawyer with whom he is thrown into professional contact. It can’t remain strictly business for long. But Miss Streep’s remarkable accomplishment is to keep both Tynan and the audience perpetually off balance, to turn a predictable affair into a source of constant surprise. The director, Jerry Schatzberg, achieves the most subtly impressive scene in the film when, as Miss Streep realizes during a private conference in the Senator’s office that their flirtation is about to become something more, he simply trains the camera in closely on her astonishingly versatile face.” –The New York Times

“Adroitly combining humor and intimate drama, JOE TYNAN  joins that list of exemplary Washington-set pix, including Advise and Consent and The Best Man. In large part, the credit goes to Alan Alda, whose portrayal in the title role is no less complex and multi-faceted than his screenplay. Joe Tynan is a familiar political figure: the young, handsome liberal Senator who rides upward on the coat-tails of a few big media victories. Alda assumes the pasted-on smile, the hearty handshake and breezy confidence of a politico with immense ease. He seems to have been born for the role. Less often explored is the price paid for such double-edged success, and this is where Joe Tynan excels. As Alda’s intelligent and frustrated wife, Barbara Harris gives the performance of her career.” –Variety


Part of the series “Becoming Meryl Streep”

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