The Swarm

Friday, August 16 - Saturday, August 17, 2013

35mm print “Swarms of African killer bees infiltrate a Texan Air Force base, stinging a number of missile button-pushers to death. But relax; in their wake strolls Caine, an able entomologist who has in his wallet the phone number of leading immunologist Dr Krim (Henry Fonda). He also has the ear of a presidential advisor, and was passing through with a truckload of miracle sting-relief called Cardio-pep. ‘Cardio-pep?’ breathes the doctor (Katharine Ross), strangely excited. Their eyes meet. Meanwhile, the bees have brought down a couple of helicopters [and] sharply curtailed a family picnic.” – Time Out (London)

  • Country USA
  • Rating PG
  • Year 1978
  • Running Time 116 minutes
  • Director Irwin Allen

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