Monday, October 19, 2015

Post-film discussion with K8 Hardy! DCP projection

The Goddess of the French New Wave, Agnès Varda, opens this poetic opus with a drifter — played by the brilliant Sandrine Bonnaire — found frozen on the roadside. Told through flashbacks, Vagabond traces the route of Mona, as she moves through French farmlands, wandering in and out of the lives and loves of men and women, alike. “It’s rare to see a young woman’s life portrayed in such utter singularity, outside of society, and with a will so strong,” writes K8 Hardy – artist, filmmaker and founding member of the queer feminist journal LTTR. “The power of this film shook me to the core and also made me realize that it is possible to make something without the traps of sexism.”

  • Country France
  • Language In French with English subtitles
  • Rating NR
  • Year 1985
  • Director Agnès Varda

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