Without A Net

Friday, August 17 - Thursday, August 23, 2012

Filmmakers in person Fri Aug 17 at 8:10, Sat Aug 18 at 6:20, Sun Aug 19 at 9:55, Mon Aug 20 at 6:00, Tues Aug 21 at 8:10, Wed Aug 22 at 6:20, and Thur Aug 23 at 9:50! 

Djeferson, Barbara, Rayana, and Platini live in a drug controlled slum of Rio de Janeiro. Their families are struggling, their homes are physically unstable, and everyone they know has dropped out of school. When a big-top circus tent suddenly appears in a nearby parking lot, they decide to take a chance. They learn trapeze, acrobatics, juggling, and contortion, and then audition for the end-of-year show, rehearse, and prepare for the curtains to part on opening night. Along the way, WITHOUT A NET explores the connections between risk, desire, poverty, and circus and celebrates the perseverance and resilience of youth in the face of tremendous odds.

Part of DocuWeeks 2012