RIVER OF GRASS and Its Sources

Friday, March 11 - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kelly Reichardt in person for Q&As Fri Mar 11 & Sat Mar 12 following the 7:45 show of RIVER OF GRASS!

 “RIVER OF GRASS and Its Sources,” a program showcasing a gorgeous new digital restoration of noted director Kelly Reichardt’s acclaimed debut, along with a selection of classics that inspired the filmmaker, screens Friday, March 11-Thursday, March 17.  Reichardt’s darkly funny first feature, RIVER OF GRASS (1994) brought the writer/director back to the setting of her adolescence, the suburban landscape of southern Florida, where she grew up with her detective father and narcotics agent mother. Shot on 16mm, the story follows the misadventures of disaffected housewife Cozy, played by Lisa Bowman, and the aimless layabout Lee, played by up-and-comer Larry Fessenden (the future indie horror auteur), who also acted as a producer and the film’s editor. Described by Reichardt as “a road movie without the road, a love story without the love, and a crime story without the crime,” RIVER OF GRASS introduces viewers to a director already in command of her craft and defining her signature style.

The 4:00 & 7:45pm shows of RIVER OF GRASS will screen as double features, paired with a handful other films that Reichardt has selected as particularly influential for her, with both films showing for a single admission. The program includes GUN CRAZY (1950, Joseph H. Lewis), the story of two gun enthusiasts whose passionate affair leads them into a life of crime; ANGEL FACE (1952, Otto Preminger), in which femme fatale Jean Simmons turns the head of ambulance driver Robert Mitchum; French New Wave landmark BREATHLESS (1960, Jean-Luc Godard), with a petty thief and his America girlfriend on the lam in Paris; and BADLANDS (1973, Terrence Malick), starring Sissey Spacek and Martin Sheen as deadly amoral lovers on the run in the West.

Congratulations to IFC Films for acquiring Kelly Reichardt’s latest film, CERTAIN WOMEN, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. We look forward to sharing this new film, which stars Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern, with audiences later this year.

Special thanks to our friends at Oscilloscope Laboratories, for spearheading the restoration of RIVER OF GRASS, and distributing it to cinemas across the country.

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