Special Guests

  • Tue Feb 11: Desert One Q&A w/ dir. Barbara Kopple + host Thom Powers at 7:30!

    Two-time Oscar-winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA, American Dream) re-examines the story ...Tickets and More Info

  • Wed Feb 12: Olympic Dreams Sneak preview + Q&A w/ dir. Jeremy Teicher & stars Nick Kroll + Alexi Pappas at 7:30!

    Set against the splendor of the Winter Olympic Games, an intimate and unexpected love story develops...Tickets and More Info

  • Thu Feb 13: Guest of Honour Q&A w/ dir. Atom Egoyan and star Arsinee Khanjian at 7:00!

    Jim (David Thewlis) and his daughter Veronica (Laysla De Oliveira), a young high- school music teach...Tickets and More Info

  • Fri Feb 14: And the Birds Rained Down Q&A w/ dir. Louise Archambault at 6:15!

    Quebec, Canada. Nowadays.Three elderly hermits live in the woods, cut off from the rest of the world...Tickets and More Info

  • Fri Feb 14: A Brother’s Love Q&A w/ dir. Monia Chokri at 9:00!

    After failing to secure a faculty position in the Philosophy department, 35-year-old Sophia is force...Tickets and More Info

  • Sat Feb 15: Red Snow Q&A w/ dir. Marie Clements at 4:30!

    This striking, stylish debut feature by Marie Clements offers an intense, dramatic perspective on mo...Tickets and More Info

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