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Vegas in Space

Monday, February 4, 2019, 2019

Sasha Velour presents VEGAS IN SPACE (Phillip R. Ford, 1991)

When Captain Dan Tracey and his spacemen learn that the all-female planet of Clitoris has had its precious gem Girlinium stolen, they take a pill to switch genders and go undercover. But there are evil schemers among the Clitori determined to thwart Tracey Daniels’ mission! Featuring a who’s-who of San Francisco legends, including Doris Fish, Tippi, Miss X, and Ginger Quest, this campy skewering of BARBARELLA and BUCK ROGERS-style sci-fi flicks became a gay cult favorite in the early 90s. The film is a favorite of our guest presenter, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Winner Sasha Velour, who even shares a last name with two characters in the film!


Sasha Velour on VEGAS IN SPACE: 

No film embodies drag more clearly than VEGAS IN SPACE, a product of the 1980s San Francisco drag scene, led by the legendary Doris Fish (who co-wrote and stars in the film). Part candy-colored sci-fi B-movie, part queer fashion show, part lecture on gender theory…this film taught me everything I needed to know about being a drag queen of today. It’s campy, chaotic, deeply committed (it took them 8 years to make this film), and totally brilliant. It’s VEGAS….in space!

Screening as part of the Winter 2019 season of Queer|Art|Film.

  • Country USA
  • Year 1991
  • Running Time 85 minutes
  • Director Phillip R. Ford
  • Writer Doris Fish, Miss X, Phillip R. Ford
  • Editor Phillip R. Ford, Ed Jones
  • Cinematographer Robin Clark
  • Cast Doris Fish, Miss X, Ginger Quest, Ramona Fischer, Lori Naslund, Timmy Spence, Tippi, Freida Lay