Two Days, One Night

Wednesday, December 24 - Thursday, March 26, 2015

Academy Award Nominee, Best Actress (Marion Cotillard)

Ready to resume work after a medical leave, Sandra (Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard) discovers her boss has put her fate in her co-workers’ hands: they can choose either to take her back, or to keep their annual bonuses. With a vote just 48 hours away, Sandra races from door to door to plead with her colleagues to save her job–and her family. Told with the immediacy of a thriller, the Dardennes’ (The Kid with a Bike, Rosetta) latest is a viscerally human, profoundly political snapshot of an age of economic insecurity. Named Best Actress of 2014 (Marion Cotillard) by the New York Film Critics Circle

  • Language In French with English subtitles
  • Rating NR
  • Running Time 95 minutes
  • Director Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne