Shadows of Change: Women & Horror in 2014

Friday, March 29 - Thursday, April 4, 2024

“Shadows of Change: Women & Horror in 2014 looks at six essential independent horror movies directed by women from 2014 – with two films starring contemporary horror heroine Maika Monroe – that are emblematic of a shift in independent horror and a starting point for the next generation of genre moviemaking.

Ten years ago two landmark horror films, Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK and Ana Lily Anapour’s A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, were released and the genre was never quite the same. Not only are they a part of a group that ushered in experimental explorations of genre filmmaking but, importantly, they distinctly mark a moment when women begin to finally be the ones in control of telling their own narratives. These films explode the notion of the “Final Girl” (women in horror told from the male POV) and reclaim stories about motherhood, identity, sexuality, trauma, and the ever-present danger of being a woman in the world.” — Caryn Coleman, The Future of Film is Female

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