Iron Monkey

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Donnie Yen in person! 35mm print

This is how you do it. No, seriously, this is how you make a martial arts classic, and not just a martial arts classic, but a movie that is a lesson in how to deliver high-speed, high-impact, no-holds-barred entertainment, Hong Kong style. With IRON MONKEY, Yuen Wo-ping and his family deliver what might just be the greatest martial arts movie of the 90′s, a movie that perfectly encapsulates everything that was great about Hong Kong filmmaking at its peak, full of seriously surreal imagery dredged up from the collective unconscious of a freaky alien race: a monk grinning through a mouth full of dripping blood; a virgin nun assassin with a scaly, purple birthmark covering her face; masked men running up human bodies to perch precariously on their heads.

Co-presented with the New York Asian Film Festival