Film School

Supporting local students and educators
and helping the next generation fall in love with cinema

  • Educational outreach program offers free, year-round IFC Center membership benefits to teachers and high school students
  • Free admission for school groups to our most beloved annual program, the Oscar-Nominated Short Films
  • Free admission to our regular Weekend Classics series for high school students, with free popcorn

Giving audiences of all ages access to great films from around the world has always been at the core of IFC Center’s mission. In recent years, when we felt that the MPAA ratings given to BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR, BOYHOOD and CITIZENFOUR were overly restrictive and would block high schoolers from seeing important movies, we decided instead to allow mature teenagers to see all three titles. That decision was met with enthusiastically positive feedback from filmgoers, parents and the students themselves, and IFC Center has continued to try to improve access for high school students to see great contemporary and classic cinema on the big screen.

With Film School at IFC Center, we hope to encourage younger audiences, who are much, much more likely to watch filmed content on handheld devices than in cinemas, to discover the joys of seeing movies on the big screen—the way they were meant to be seen, in a room full of strangers enjoying a shared experience—often followed by an in-person conversation with the filmmaker. With the success of our popular membership program, which offers discounts on movie tickets, free screenings and other benefits to thousands of annual members, we’ve decided to extend membership benefits to high school students and teachers for free.



All current high schoolers are eligible to receive a free, annual IFC Center membership, which includes free admission and free popcorn at our Weekend Classics repertory series

A special HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP, similar to a standard IFC Center Cineaste membership (valued at $75), gives students a $5 discount on regular admission at all times. Additionally, the HIGH SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP includes the unique bonus of free admission to all non-school hours shows in our ongoing repertory Weekend Classics program, plus free popcorn at those shows. Screening Friday-Sunday at 11:00am, the Weekend Classics program showcases American and international film classics on the big screen series, many in rare 35mm prints. During our month-plus presentation of the Oscar-Nominated Short Films (starting Wednesday, February 8), the Weekend Classics series is on hiatus, but the free admission benefit will apply for high schoolers who come to any non-school hours show of the Oscar-Nominated Live Action or the Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films program. (Note that monthly member screenings are not included with this membership.) Students can sign up for a High School membership here.


All K-12 teachers are eligible to receive a free, annual IFC Center membership

A special EDUCATOR MEMBERSHIP, similar to a standard IFC Center Cineaste membership (valued at $75), gives K-12 teachers a $5 discount on regular admission at all times. EDUCATOR members will also be invited to free, monthly member screenings, and will be able to renew the annual membership each year they continue teaching. Teachers can sign up for an Educator membership here.

Book free tickets for school groups to Oscar-Nominated Short Films screenings

Any K-12 NYC school can book free tickets for school groups to see the Oscar-Nominated Live-Action or the Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Films program during the annual run of the program at IFC Center starting February 8. More information about this year’s programs can be found here. A sign-up form to attend a screening can be found here.


Restrictions may apply to each initiative and rules may change without notice. See for further details, or email