2001: A Space Odyssey

Friday, February 1 - Saturday, February 2, 2019


    DCP Projection

    Kubrick and author Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi masterwork does nothing less than trace the arc of civilization, from prehistoric prehumans to space-traveling astronauts in the then-future of the titular year. With its unconventional structure and groundbreaking imagery, 2001 proved polarizing upon release (its—and Kubrick’s—only Oscar was for the still-influential visual effects) but now widely ranks among the greatest of all films. This landmark head-trip remains as visionary and awe-inspiring as ever, demanding to be seen—and seen again—on the big screen.

    Part of our Winter 2019 season of Waverly Midnights: Late-Night Favorites.

    • Country UK/USA
    • Year 1968
    • Running Time 141 minutes
    • Director Stanley Kubrick
    • Writer Arthur C. Clarke (original short story "The Sentinel" & screenplay adaptation), Stanley Kubrick (screenplay adaptation)
    • Editor Ray Lovejoy
    • Cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth
    • Cast Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Daniel Richter, Leonard Rossiter, Margaret Tyzack, Robert Beatty, Douglas Rain