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Mr. Arkadin

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


    35mm Print!

    “Orson Welles’s Mr. Arkadin (a.k.a. Confidential Report) tells the story of an elusive billionaire who hires an American smuggler to investigate his past, leading to a dizzying descent into a cold-war European landscape. The film’s history is also marked by this vertigo. There are at least eight _Mr. Arkadin_s: three radio plays, a novel, several long-lost cuts, and the controversial European release known as Confidential Report. Criterion gathered all of these elements to create this landmark box set—which also includes outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, and a new comprehensive version of the film—at last unraveling one of cinema’s great mysteries.” – Criterion Collection

    Screening as part of our retrospective series “Directed by Orson Welles,” from Oct 26 through Nov 1.

    • Country France/Spain/Switzerland
    • Language English, German, French, and Polish
    • Year 1955
    • Running Time 105 minutes
    • Director Orson Welles
    • Writer Orson Welles
    • Editor Renzo Lucidi, William Morton, Orson Welles
    • Cinematographer Jean Bourgoin
    • Cast Orson Welles, Michael Redgrave, Patricia Medina, Akim Tamiroff