Short Attention Span Cinema: Oneminutesjr.

Friday, September 20 - Thursday, November 28, 2013

We’re pleased to present a selection of work from UNICEF’s “OneMinutesJr.” program as part of our ongoing “Short Attention Span Cinema” series. Featuring shorts made by youth from Vietnam, Libya, Pakistan, Mexico, India and the USA, the 60-second films will play before our regular features.

An international, arts-based initiative, OneMinutesJr. gives 12-20 year-old youth, especially those who are underprivileged or marginalized, the opportunity to have their voices heard and to share their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties and viewpoints by making films. The program conducts 5-day workshops with video artists teaching basic camera and directing skills, storytelling, teamwork and how to think creatively about issues and representation. Each participant develops his/her own story based on the workshop theme and produces a sixty-second video that is screened at the conclusion of the workshop.

The project, a partnership of UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation, has reached more than 3150 youngsters from 97 countries since its inception. For more information on the OneMinutesJr. project, visit

September 20-26: MYRIORAMA (Nguyễn Vũ Thiện, 19, Vietnam)

September 27-October 3: PIANO (Mariam Ahmed Baba, 16, Libya)

October 4-10: THE BEATS OF MY LIFE (Micha Kinney, 15, USA)

October 11-17: AROUND LAHORE IN 60 SECONDS (Hamza Iftikhar, 17, Pakistan)

October 18-24: YOUR FUTURE NEWSCASTER (Dawnell Davis-White, 13, USA).

October 25-31: WHEN I DANCE, I FEEL BIG (Valerie Cárdenas Santillan, 11, Mexico),

November 1-7: CHANGE (Priya Dubey, 19, India)

November 8-14: THE WALK OF INSPIRATION (Jamen Thurmond, 17, USA)

November 15-21: SAVE (Muhamed Rabia Abdullah, 15, Libya)

November 22-28: FAMILY (Trương Phương Nhung, 13, Vietnam)