Act of God

Wednesday, November 4 - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From the director of Manufactured Landscapes comes an elegant exploration of the effects of being hit by lightning. Breathtaking footage of raging electrical storms alternates with interviews with people whose lives have been profoundly, irrevocably transformed by lightning strikes — from the writer Paul Auster to a former CIA assassin to the musician Fred Frith. And as they evoke their attempts to make sense of their experiences, the film becomes a meditation on accidents, chance, fate, meaning and the mysteries of the natural world.

“A thrillingly strange journey through the wide and beautiful world of lightning – from its spectacular visual majesty to its honored place in myth to its puzzling physical reality.” – New York Magazine

  • Country Canada
  • Language English
  • Rating NR
  • Year 2009
  • Running Time 76 minutes
  • Distributor Zeitgeist Films
  • Director Jennifer Baichwal